K. Missas: "Basketball scenario"


The final countdown for the 1st International Clinic that the American School ACS is holding, under the aegis of the GBCA, has begun. Kostas Missas, the head coach of the Women's National Team and the U-20 National Team talked to sepk.gr about the reasons that a coach has to attend the clinic, while he analyzed the subject which he lecture about.

"It is a very good effort from Annie Konstantinidou, because it will be the first time we will hear well-known coaches talk about women's basketball, even if the Clinic is not only for women's basketball. Basketball is the same and everything can be used in every level. The level of the clinic is really high and I am sure that we will gain a lot of things.

The coaches have to see this kind of clinics as an opportunity for knowledge. They have to attend them in a constant pace. Personally I believe that a coach has to attend the clinic for two reasons. The first is to confirm what he already knows and the second one is to learn new things, even if he will never use them.

It is important to hear the lecturers who will bring experience from strong competitions and I have to say that I am eager t attend the lecture of Dr. Anastasios Kampourakis who will talk about sports and studies.

My subject has to do with 2-players and 3-players situations. It is the part I call "basketball scenario" and I believe that it is one of the most important parts of the game. The movement of two or three players according to the ball is fundamental and we always have to start from that point. We start working with the player individually, and then we go to two players, three players and carry on".

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