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After decision of Admin. Board of G.B.C.A., was approved the creation of personal web pages of our members. The G.B.C.A. with this movement has as aim to help his members in the area of search of work, but also their complete personal projection.
The G.B.C.A.  in collaboration with the company e-genius , which is specialised on issues internet and already has manufactured central Portal of G.B.C.A. will manufacture for each interested trainer one separate and at the same time immediately connected with central portal the G.B.C.A. web page, through which it will have the possibility of exposing his personal elements (eg his CV, his photographic material, their elements communication etc).

 With this way it will have the possibility of direct communication with the candidate employer (and not only), through his personal space in the Internet he will get as well a professional e-mail that also we will create.

  All these natural will be realised completely free of charge for the active members of G.B.C.A., the Association undertakes entire the expenses for the particular upgrade - projection.

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{slide=What included in the creation of Web page}
Each active member of G.B.C.A. that will make application for the creation of Personal Web page will have the following profits:

  • Creation of personal dynamic web page and the address will have the form: name of the member
  • Integration (provided if they want) in on-line “job search”.

           The “job search” will be a simple tool in which anybody (teams etc) might select through simple criteria of search the coach  with which it wants it collaborates.

More analytically: With the application of the member for the creation of Web page, the member can selects which Prefecture would like to work and also in which categories. This elements will be registered in a central base of data in which will have access anybody (teams etc) and with importing their criteria, might see the coach that fills them, as well they can  enter in the personal - analytic web page of  coach and they read their elements.

  • Creation of e-mail with form: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

          The e-mail this will have stocking space 3,5 GB (3.500 MB) and will support all modern technologies  (POP3, IMAP, IMAP2, IMAP4, SSL, WEB MAIL)

        In this way the member of G.B.C.A. will have one sure and professional e-mail, without the need of using freeware services as yahoo mail, hotmail, google mail etc.  that have important restrictions or he is committed from the company with which it has connection in the internet and he cannot change the company if he  wishes because it will also lose  the e-mail of his.


{slide=Supporting Documents}

        The supporting documents that need for the activation are:

  • Biographical note (in electronic form)
  • Athletic/training photographic material of member (in electronic form)
  • Elements of communication :
    • Full name,
    • Number of registration in G.B.C.A.
    • Address (Prefecture, Municipality, Region, Postal code.)
    • Tel. of Communication (Mobile, Fax, email),
    • Desirable name for e-mail
  • Completion of application “Wish of Integration in on-line job search” and Acceptance of terms of operation and use of personal web page of G.B.C.A. The basic application you can download and the supplement stepping in one from the following contacts:

       Application in form Word

       Application in form PDF


{slide= Delivery and Ways of Communication}

        The Delivery of above Supporting documents might become with the following ways:

  • Postal or with personal delivery in the offices of G.B.C.A.
         av. Siggrou 230, postal code 17672, Athens, Kallithea


{slide=Use terms}

           With the completion and the delivery of application and supporting documents on the Creation of Personal Web page the member agrees with the following terms:

  • In the texts that will dispatch it will make annotation that would offend other member, the G.B.C.A., other factors of basketball or other athletic institutions
  • In the texts is prohibited the report of other work only the training
  • the G.B.C.A. maintains the right of activation and de-activation of personal web page of his members in cases where they oppose with the statute of G.B.C.A. and the Regulation of Trainers as well and his obligations against the G.B.C.A. (eg payment of subscriptions, follow-up of Clinics etc)
  • The G.B.C.A  maintains the right of suppression of particular benefit from the moment where it will be judged necessary by the Administrative Board.

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