P. Giannakis came first in the elections

giannakis_megali.jpgDuring the 9th International Clinic for Young Players, which was held with great success in Veroia, the elections of the Greek Basketball Coaches Association took place.


Particularly after the voting procedure that lasted two days (as long as the clinic) Panagiotis Giannakis came first in votes. Then the results were announced, including the member of the administration board for the next two years. The coaches that were voted are: Panagiotis Giannakis, Thodoros Bolatoglou, Sokratis Eliadis, Theodore Rodopoulos, Giorgos Kalafatakis, Elias Zouros, Alekos Daglas, Vaggelis Alexandris, Paraskevas Mouratidis, Kostas Alexiou, Giannis Chrisanthopoulos, Kostas Kourkoubas, Giorgos Velissarakos, Athina Zerva and Panagiotis Athaniadis. Zouros and Athanasiadis were the new comers in the council.


Before the clinic the general assembly of the association's members took place. The board announced the financial and administrative report of the last administration, in which there were underlined the raise of benefits to the members (personal e-mail, personal homepage), the evolution of the official site (now it has 14.000 visits), the backing of the scholarships program in great colleges and NBA teams and the continuation of the international and local clinics. Also the magazine "Basketball Coach" was named as a point of reference, because it has improved in quality and quantity and now it can be compared globally to any magazine of the same material.


Referring to the financial report the member were informed for the receipt of a tactical grant and for the benefits from the fight of the Association over the past years in reference to the payment of the 2-3% of every A1's coach fee.  


After that the members of the GBCA had the opportunity to swap ideas over a meaningful dialogue around the matters that concerns the Greek coach.

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