Pascual: "The Cup will easily be forgotten"

xavi_mikirXavi Pascual, who was one of the main lecturers in the International Clinic in Salonica, won -easily- the first title of the season, as Barcelona beat Real (80-61) in the Copa del Rey final. He claimed that he needs some sleep! Also Sergio Scariolo talked about the game noting that the "blaugrana" is the "best team in Europe", adding that the club from Madrid lacks athletic skills.

"When you win something, you deserve it. I would like first of all to congratulate my players. I am proud from them, because they work hard up to their limitation. Now they got their reward. I am happy because the team is devoted and all of its members look towards the same direction, putting "us" above "I". The team is above everything else" was his first words.

And add that "we have to go forward step by step and get prepared in the best possible way for the game against Panathinaikos, which is now the most important game. If we get eliminated from the Euroleague, anybody would remember the Cup. The win we got now, will easily be forgotten. It is not fair, but is something that all the championship teams are dealing with. That's why we have to go on with greater effort".

Lastly the young coach joked around saying that "I have to sleep, because during the Copa den Rey I rarely slept. We got back in Barcelona at midnight and today we had a small fest and now I am here for this interview. So I need my bed more than anything".

Sergio Scariolo also commented the game between Barcelona and Real saying: "Although no team is undefeatable, I think that Barcelona is now the best team in Europe. They play excellent basketball. They put out great energy and power. They can be compared to the team of Pesic, even though I believe that the present team is even better".

The Italian coach also talked about Real: "They are walking at the right path. You cannot build something in six months or a year. They have to add some athletic skills, something that is a key factor for Barcelona". ...intelligent web software