The lecture of Kostas Missas


In the informing clinic of the ESKANA’ teams (for the new regulations and the development programme of the Federation) Kostas Missas, the head coach of the Women’s Team, gave a very interesting lecture about the problems of basketball.

In details

“If we make a research in the men’s and women’s leagues and note the age of the players and their playing time we will come to the conclusion that basketball need renewal.

It is a fact that there are technical problems, lack of knowledge in the aspect of creating facilities for young players and lack of free time (of the players). On the other hand it is important to see what we can do and not just expect what the others can do for us.

We begin by answering two questions:

A) How bad we want to work in youth teams? Are we patient enough to organize a program and wait for the results?

B) Do we know how to build a program? Which are the goals? Winning the title of producing talented players?

2. Do the coaches have the knowledge to work on such a program?

If we really want to follow a players producing program we have to:

*Chose players for a three-years period

*Don’t aim to the result, but to the production and the preparation of the players. That doesn’t mean that we will not go after the championship if we have the potentials.

*We don’t interfere in the work of the coaches, especially the parents who often play an administrative role. They are useful, but they must be discrete.

The format of such a program must have


Pre-Mini & Mini Basketball : One coach

Pre-Cadets & Cadets: One coach

Juniors- *& Elite team: One coach

The whole plan is controlled by one person from the administration

The program of the teams that compete in championships are controlled by the coach of the men’s or women’s team with the assistance of the junior’s team coach.

The program of the teams that compete is parted by:

*Practice on fundamentals and tactics, depending on their age

*The basic elements are fundamentals, individual offense-defense, two-player plays, three-player plays. In young ages that are the 80% of the thing taught and worked in practice.

The players work on tactics when they reach the junior level. We are working in position they might play in the future.

*Tactics depends on the age of the players. It is unacceptable to teach “screens” in Mini Basketball.

*There is a full playbook published in the book of the Federation “Philosophy and guidelines”.

*Working with an elite group need a lot of Attention:

*The psychological interference is need. We have to talk to the kids, give solutions to their problems and guide them through the principles of a team sport.

*The time has changed so we have to find new ways to communicate with the children.

*Teaching the proper behavior is a task of the coach

In the difficult times we live we want to be part of the talent production so we have to

Stop blaming anyone

Expect nothing

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