A sucessful clinic in Crete


The first clinic of the Greek Basketball Coaches Association was concluded with great success. Giannis Christopoulos and Nikos Toufas were the lecturers of the local clinic in Crete, which was held by the GBCA, the Federation and the local Union of Clubs.

Both of them talked with the methodic way about the fundamentals and the details. Nikos Toufas (coach of the Pre-Cadets national team) lectured about "man-to-man defense" and "transition", while Giannis Christopoulos (with great experience in A1) lectured about "individual technique" and "two men plays".

Click here to watch a part of Nikos Toufas's lecture and click here to watch a part of Giannis Christopoulos's lecture.

The General Secretary of the GBCA, Thodoros Bolatoglou, talking about the clinic said that "it was held with great success with the presence of the most members from Crete's Association. The local desk really helped holding a great demonstration team, which proves that the coaches in Crete are doing a very good job teaching the young players. I would like to thank the two lecturers who said yes to our invitation and transferred their knowledge in a methodic and detailed way. We would like also to thank the local Union and especially its president Giorgos Charalampakis for the collaboration in the successful hosting of the clinic. For the GBCA this is the first clinic for 2009. We are going to hold another six local clinics, two international clinics for young players and one international clinic in Salonica".

The national team coach, Nikos Toufas said that "it is an honor to participate in the clinic of Crete and I am willing to live again this experience in the future. I would like to thank the GBCA and the local desk which gave me the opportunity to help to lecture in the clinic. I hope that I helped on my part to make their work easier. I was very satisfied by the young players and I would like to thank very much the regional coach Nikos Siragakis for his help".

Giannis Christopoulos added that "it is vital to share your knowledge and your experiences when it comes to the learning and evolution of the sport. The educational part has to be a big concern for the Greek Coach so that he can transfer the deep knowledge of the sport with the right way to the players of all levels. I would like to thank the GBCA and the local officers that gave me the chance to participate in the clinic and would also like to thank the fellow-coaches that attended it. The young athletes adjusted just fine and showed great desire to learn and that means that we are going the right direction".

After the conclusion of the clinic the elections of the local desk took place. Christodoulou, Kanakis and Ladoukakis were elected as the new committee of the administration board of the Cretan Coaches Association. The results: Alexis Christodoulou (15), Michalis Kanakis (11), Giannis Ladoukakis (9), Giannis Kokkinos (9) and Giorgos Markakis (9).

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